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Episode 10: A locavore is someone who eats only locally grown produce, and in Victoria there's a website dedicated to the cause! Cristina spoke to creator Andrew about the concept and how to find locally grown food in each area.

Episode 9: It's fair to say Melburnians love their coffee. In this story Cristina went to Coffee School to learn all about the art on top of a good cuppa.

Episode 8: Eat With Me is a way for Melburnians to connect and share a love of food. As Cristina finds out at an Eat With Me event in Collingwood, good food is a great way to bring strangers together!

Episode 7: The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation runs a program in schools around Australia to teach kids all about growing, harvesting and preparing fresh food. Cristina went to a Melbourne Primary School to see the kids in action.

Episode 6: SecondBite saves left-over food from being unnecessarily thrown out and redirects it to people who need it. Cristina went along to the Prahran Markets to see SecondBite in action. Head to the SecondBite website for more.

Episode 5: The Slow Food Melbourne Community Market is the only one of its kind in Australia. Cristina went along to the Abbotsford Convent to find out more about the Market's 'good, clean, fair' philosophy. Find out for yourself at Vic Farmers' Markets website.

Episode 4: STREAT is a social enterprise that gives homeless young people on the job training at its cafes around Melbourne. In this story, Cristina finds out how food can help change people's lives. Find out more about this worthy cause at streat.com.au.

Episode 3: Have you ever flicked through a magazine and been tempted by how good the food looks? Cristina chats to Melbourne-based food photographer Guy Lavpoipierre who has done photo shoots for George Calombaris, Tobie Puttock and other amazing chefs around Australia. Find out more at guy.mu.

Episode 2: Nestled in St Kilda is the Veg Out Community Garden, where local residents tend to 150 garden plots to produce home-grown, organic foods. Cristina went along to find out more about this sustainable farmers' market. Find out more at the Melbourne Farmers' Market website.

Episode 1: Cupcake stores are popping up all over Melbourne. With a so many different flavours and designs, have you ever stopped to think about how much work they are to create? Cristina talks to cake decorator Carolyn to find out exactly what goes in to making these tasty treats! Find out more at Special Treats by Carolyn.


Episode 10: The origin of steampunk lies in the sci-fi and fantasy genres of literature and is often reminiscent of the Victorian era. In Melbourne, steampunk has evolved into a fashion trend under leading brand Clockwork Butterfly. Cristina spoke to designer Alexandra about her work.

Episode 9: Rocco from Rocco's Shoes in Malvern has been a cobbler for over 40 years, making shoes for Bon Jovi, The Rolling Stones and The Strokes, just to name a few. Cristina went behind the scenes to learn how shoes are made.

Episode 8: Located in Fitzroy, Thread Den hosts social sewing events and sewing classes for ladies, men and kids. As Cristina discovered, they also feature independent Australian designers and vintage items, promoting a culture of locally-made, do-it-yourself fashion.

Episode 7: Gone are the days of waiting a month for a new edition of your favourite fashion mag - now you can find out what's hot and what's not at the click of a button. Cristina spoke to Brooke from The Style Net about how blogging and online shopping have changed the fashion industry.

Episode 6: The Social Studio creates fashion from recycled clothing and materials and gives Melbourne's young refugee community hands on training and job opportunities. In this story, Cristina visits one of The Social Studio's pop up stores to find out more about this dynamic social enterprise.

Episode 5: Circa Nocturna is Melbourne's premier alternative fashion parade where designers showcase their left-of-centre designs and wearable art on the catwalk. In this story, Cristina finds out more about Melbourne's underground fashion culture. Check out more at Circa Nocturna's website.

Episode 4: Imagine a giant clothing store where everything is free! The Clothing Exchange is just that - it's a place where you can take your old clothes and swap them, saving yourself money and making the fashion industry more sustainable. Cristina went along to one of the Clothing Exchange's events to see what she could find. For more details head to The Clothing Exchange Website.

Episode 3: Cristina chats to Melbourne-based milliner Louise Macdonald about the art behind hat making. See more of Louise's work at millinery.com.au.


Episode 2: Designing gorgeous gowns for special occasions are harder than they look. Cristina talks to Gwendolynne Burkin to find out what goes in to making these beautiful dresses. For more information, check out Gwendolynne's website.

Episode 1: The Treasury is where broken jewellery goes to be reborn. Cristina talks to Emma Grace about the concept behind The Treasury workshops and does a little bit of fixing of her own. Check out Emma Grace Jewellery for more info.


Episode 10: Everywhere you go in Melbourne you'll see posters on walls, fences and poles promoting your favourite band. In this story, Tegan heads out with one of Melbourne's top print and distribution companies on a guerilla marketing campaign.

Episode 9: Have you ever stopped to think about how music gets from being in the hands of a band into yours? Tegan went behind the scenes with band Brokers at Sing Sing Studios to find out what went into recording their EP.

Episode 8: Melbourne's music scene is about more than just the artists - it's also about elements like band photography that make up the complete package. Tegan went along to Calling All Cars' photo shoot at Kane Hibberd's studio in Melbourne to get a behind the scenes look at what goes into taking a great shot.

Episode 7: Based at the Yarra Youth Centre in Collingwood is Rising High, a recording studio for local young people to get started in Melbourne's music industry. Tegan went to one of their sessions to find out what it's all about.

Episode 6: Dotted around Melbourne are independent record stores like Basement Discs. On Independent Record Store Day, Tegan went along to find out exactly why stores like these are so important to Melbourne's music scene.

Episode 5: Every Tuesday night the Make It Up Club gets together to present avante garde improvised music and sound performances to Melbourne audiences. Tegan went down to Bar Open in Fitzroy to find out more about it. For more info head to makeitupclub.com.au.

Episode 4: Streetlight Silhouette is a secret gig series that happens around Melbourne. Tegan went to check out what it's all about.

Episode 3: Music festivals are a massive part of life in Melbourne. In this story, Tegan heads to Feskyval, an annual charity event that donates all proceeds to Kids Under Cover. More info: feskyval.com.

Episode 2: Tetris Studios is a place for musicians to practice their craft. Tegan finds out all about what the studio has to offer. Find out more at Tetris Studios.


Episode 1: The Melbourne Ukulele Kollective are a group of people who get together to learn and play their ukuleles in Melbourne's inner city suburbs. Tegan chats to them about what inspires their love of this particular instrument. Learn more at the Melbourne Ukulele Kollective website.


Episode 10: The art of bookbinding is alive and strong in Melbourne and being well preserved at Renaissance Bookbinding in Fitzroy. In this story, Adriana gets an inside look at the ancient methods (dating back to the Renaissance!) that are used to bind books.

Episode 9: Created with the backdrop of Melbourne's laneways in mind, My Story is a collection of downloadable audio stories for people to listen to while exploring our city. Adriana talks to creator Matt Blackwood about his concept.

Episode 8: Located under Flinders St Station, Sticky Institute is a one-stop shop for zines of all kinds. Adriana heads along to this creative space to find out all about zine making and what kind of publications are on offer.

Episode 7: Run by Australian Poetry, the Cafe Poet Program places poets in residence at cafes around Melbourne. Adriana headed along to 1000 Pound Bend to speak to one of the poets about her experience.

Episode 6: Tattoos aren't just for scary looking bikers. As Adriana finds out at Chapel Tattoo, the number of women becoming tattoo artists is rising and perceptions of the industry are slowly changing.

Episode 5: Dr Sketchy's combines cabaret and art to create a unique life-drawing experience. Adriana went along to The Order of Melbourne to take part in the class. Find out more at drsketchymelbourne.com.

Episode 4: Underground Cinema is a film screening that keeps you guessing - audiences don't know the film until they get there, and don't even know the location until the day before. As Adriana finds out in this story, this is not your average cinema! For more info head to Underground Cinema.

Episode 3: Based in Fitzroy, the Napier Crew runs workshops with young people on practising safe and legal street art. Adriana talks to Adrian Doyle at Blender Studios about why street art is so important to Melbourne's culture. Check out Napier Crew and The Blender Studio for more info.

Episode 2: Tucked away in West Footscray is a circus created just for women. In this compelling story, Adriana explores how this community arts organisation inspires and empowers women who have been through trauma to build self-esteem and regain control over their bodies. Find out more at the Women's Circus website.


Episode 1: Snuff Puppets are a Melbourne-based puppetry company that shock and entertain audiences with larger than life, controversial characters. Adriana finds out more about the concept behind this particular form of puppetry. For more info, check out the Snuff Puppets website.


Episode 10: The Melbourne Dodgeball League. Enough said?

Episode 9: The Collingwood Skipping Club is exactly how it sounds: people, skipping, in Collingwood. A great idea, we thought - so Jackie went along to get in on the action.

Episode 8: Be My Wingman is a unique social society for ladies in Melbourne to meet and make friends. Jackie went to a speed friending event to check out how it all works!

Episode 7: At night, Melbourne's CBD is taken over by ghosts - according to award-winning psychic Jacquelene Close-Moore. In this story, Jackie spoke to Jacquelene about what goes on in Melbourne after dark and how our city's energy compares to others.

Episode 6: The Cave Clan are dedicated to exploring Melbourne's underground tunnels. It sounds a bit odd (and dangerous), but as Jackie found out, it's all just a bit of fun.

Episode 5: Hidden away in Fitzroy, the Melbourne Chess Club is the longest operating chess club in the Southern Hemisphere - established in 1866! Jackie went along to explore the club's history and learn how to play the game. Head along to the Melbourne Chess Club website for more info.

Episode 4: Drags Aloud is a an award-winning and highly entertaining drag show. In this story, Jackie goes behind the scenes at the East Malvern RSL to learn about the life of a drag queen and the preparation that goes into every performance. Find out more at dragsaloud.com.

Episode 3: You've heard of bikes and you've heard of polo. But have you heard of Bike Polo? Jackie heads along to find out what it's all about. Head to the Bike Polo website to learn more.

Episode 2: We've all heard about the Big Day Out for humans, but have you heard about the Big Day Out for Dogs? Jackie heads along to the event to meet some puppies and their owners.


Episode 1: The Laughter Club combine hilarity and yoga to create an experience that is great for the body and the soul. Jackie talks to some laughter enthusiasts about this quirky sport. Find out more at Laughter Clubs Victoria.


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